We are Careuvation

We make healthcare simple.

Easy access data

Keep track of your medical needs in a simple safe way.

We offer hope to patients and caregivers with a simple, easy-to-use healthcare portal which stores all of their medical records, healthcare providers, and more.


Quick overview of the patient’s most recent data information, including biometric data.

Doctors / Providers

Communicate with the whole care team for each patient, and review who is the specialist for each.


Quick access and vieweing of the patient’s appointments. Can be added from the the dashboard. 


Upload the most important documents in one place and access it quickly.

Medical Records

It keeps the patient’s full history from health issues, medications, lab results and other data.


Add, review and followup on the patient’s prescriptions. Easy to review the history and status.


Keep all insurance records and track open claims. Allows patient’s to easily follow insurances.


The patient’s contact list that includes hospitals, communities agencies and more.

We keep your records safe

Our technology keeps your information safe and secure so that the only people who have access to it are the people you’ve allowed.

All of your information in just one place.

Gathering all of your medical records doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it easy to access all of your information, without any hassle.

Contribute to a greater good

Allow your information to be used for medical research, so we can start finding more cures today. All of the information is anonymous – so no one will know it’s there but you.

What you can do with the Careuvation portal

See how it works!

Learn about how you can utilize Careuvation features.


Access all of your medical records


View and contact all of your
medical providers


Keep track of your
medical appointments


Stay up to date on your
medications and access refills


Store your insurance information


Track notes pertinent to your
medical needs

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